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Are you looking for less stress and more success in your personal or work life? You’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to the first blog post of Bright Insights! Thank you for visiting. I hope you find my site and podcasts useful to your life. As you can probably tell from my slogan, my aim is to provide you, the consumer, ways for less stress and more success in your life!

My methods and resources will be new to some of you, because , as you can tell from my “About” page, I’m someone who comes from quite a unique background: bi-cultural military brat who grew up to become an Air Force veteran, multi-government employee, and possessor of Masters degrees in both counseling and organizational leadership. I’ve worked with media companies, non profits, churches, and the performing arts along the way.

Basically, I’ve been exposed to a lot of different people and I love to learn about each and every one of you!

But I’ve hit a point in my life where it’s time to give back what I’ve learned thus far. How will I do it?

Blogs and Podcast Mini-Series

I believe that learning and growing doesn’t come in just one dimension. We might prefer auditory or visual learning, but by stimulating your brain in different ways, we can grow better. So the plan is to provide short, 20 to 30 minute podcasts biweekly. And in between podcasts I’ll submit a blog post that is related to the podcast and links you to the next series submission.

For example, for my “Inconceivable” series, I”ll submit a blog post about what I believe are the top mis-used psychological terms. The podcasts will explore a few of them, while future blog posts in the series will highlight some resources and further information to flesh out the presentation. How’s that for stimulating your experience?


(And, yes, I did name the series after my favorite scene in The Princess Bride)

Bright Insights Partners

With my life, I’ve been extremely fortunate to become friends with many professionals across a myriad of industries. This makes for lining up thought-provoking interviews and contributions from people that found a great niche in their lives and have something to share. From small business owners to consultants to personal trainers to sleep study specialists to mental health disorder survivors, I’ve got some great connections to help you!

Bright Insights E-mail list

Need something informative to read while you’re at the DMV or waiting on an appointment? My monthly e-mail list will recap what we’ve done, what we’re doing next, and some of my partnerships that can help get you there. When the e-mail list is ready for sign-up, I’ll include a tool of my own creation that will help you reduce stress while on a work break or just before bedtime.

Open To Suggestions

I’m here to serve you. So if you feel like you want more than what I’m giving you, I’ve got no qualms in finding further information or resources! Just e-mail me and we’ll be on our way to less stress and more success. Until next time!


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