Bright Insights Podcast: An Interview with Sarah Francis discussing Bipolar Disorder

Sarah Francis of Tuolumne County

It’s always good to know smart people. They only make you smarter over time! I felt that way when I met Sarah Francis 13 years ago. Sarah’s journey through getting her bipolar diagnosis, learning to manage the symptoms and eventually becoming a mental health peer outreach worker has always been a fascinating one. Knowing someone with bipolar disorder who is unafraid to discuss the ups and downs is such a blessing to someone like me who was contemplating grad school when we met. A decade later, her real-life experiences and years of personal research made me an even better counselor for my clients.

And here we are in this episode of the “Inconceivable!” series, listening to Sarah break down Bipolar Disorder (and the book that helped her, found here on Amazon ) in order to help dispel myths and misunderstandings of this often misused diagnosis. If you have the diagnosis or know someone who does, this will be an educational treat!