Inconceivable! Series Podcast: OCD, ADHD, and PTSD explained

I’ll be honest with you: most people who say they have OCD, ADHD, or PTSD and haven’t been properly diagnosed likely don’t have any of these disorders. You might be surprised as to what a full diagnosis entails.

It’s not to say you don’t have some related symptoms. For instance, someone who thinks they have OCD might be bothered by this picture of three forks facing up and one facing down.

If you think you have ADHD you might be reading this post but keep re-focusing on those forks.

If you think you have PTSD because you were stabbed with a fork, that picture might make your skin crawl.

Listen to this episode and find out what’s REALLY going on!

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5 Replies to “Inconceivable! Series Podcast: OCD, ADHD, and PTSD explained”

  1. Another excellent podcast, clarified diagnoses with the actual definitions. Great reminders for everyone who may have or know someone’s who’s dealing with these conditions.

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