I don’t know you yet, but I want to help bring out the best in you. Learn all about Paul Bright, creator of Bright Insights Media.

I’m not a life coach. I’m not your counselor. But I can show you, as a leader in your life, how to have less stress and more success.

Paul Bright of Bright Insights
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That’s why I created the Bright Insights Podcast.

My name is Paul Bright. The TL;DR version of my background:

*I live north of San Francisco. Currently serving and coordinating mental health services for children in foster care

*Married father of two young adults

*Military brat with lots of childhood memories created in the Philippines

*Bachelor’s in Psychology/Master’s in Counseling- Marriage and Family Therapy/Master’s in Organizational Leadership

*10-year active duty Air Force veteran, 1997-2008

*Five years and 3,000+ hours working in mental health with couples, homeless, veterans, children, and special needs adults

*Consultant, facilitator, leader of fundraising events and special projects for various non-profits, churches, and volunteer opportunities

*Craniofacial Fibrous Dysplasia warrior

It is these experiences that exposed me to the value of servant leadership. And that’s what I want every small business owner, supervisor, and manager become: a servant leader.

Support and Partnership

I could always use your support in keeping Bright Insights Media going. I am always open to having relevant sponsors included in my podcasts and advertised on the website. I would love to run Bright Insights full time! If you are a life coach, change catalyst, specialized counselor, or any other person that contribute to the well-being of others, contact me

Thank You To The Following Contributors

R.A., one of my oldest friends, for the Bright Insights logo design. You can contact him at RPA Graphics if you need some work done.

O.G. for lending her voice to the intro and (soon) outro. She’s a gem to work with!

L.B. for creating the intro/outro music. The best audio support a dad could ever ask for.

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